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Danald Davis with work in progress. Danald Davis with work in progress. Reflection Disk in progress. Cottage Hospital Bench Project 2011

I have lived most of my life within sight of mountains or the sea - where the major principles of nature are forefront, very evident and impressive. I'm intrigued how in these settings geometry is universal and how the spiral, the sphere, symmetry and directional axes underpin diverse, chaotic worlds.

For me, encountering a canyon cut by glacier, or cliffs eroded by rhythmic surf are indelible experiences.Concurrently, I'm fascinated with the influence nature has on man's approach to fashioning things for living, surviving and collaborating with the elements. For example, boat hulls, sails, architectural forms, simple hand tools, bridges and roadways are all forms that I find beautiful for the way in which they are designed to work, at times imitating nature in order to function well within nature.

A beautifully structured stone buttress in a medieval Italian city can, surprisingly, elicit similar sensations as standing at the base of sheer cliffs in the Sierra Nevada. This intrigues me and gives rise to my work.

My interest is in the continuities, parallels and intersections of these realms - the juxtaposition of natural forms with man made forms, the way systems overlap, intersect and influence each other. My work attempts to illuminate and reconcile ideas that I find wondrous and interwoven - each sculpture an attempt to consolidate a response.

Donald Davis, 2008

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